20% Voted

As we reach nearly a million ballots returned, processed and scored to the voter file, it is a good time to address the need for campaigns to utilize this data.

To pick a district randomly for illustration, if your campaign for the 71st Assembly District is targeting RepPlus Voters in the 14P3 universe then your mailing universe is a pretty sizeable 39,000 households.  At 70-cents average cost per piece (after totaling printing, postage, design, data, commission, etc…) your mailing is going to cost $27,000.   But 7,000 voters in your universe have already cast ballots.  You can avoid sending mail to those who have already voted, reducing your household size considerably, and save $3,500+ which can be applied to your next mailing.

In this above case, wasting a campaign’s money sending to the same list as a couple weeks ago is political negligence.  Data in PDI is being updated daily, and a new mail file that will save your campaign thousands of dollars is easy to get!

Looking again at the trends so far, Democratic and Republican ballots have basically held with the weighted 2010 returns, but Latinos continue to be a bit behind.And, of course, the document that should be on every campaign, PAC, and newsroom desk, the current statewide count sheets, by district and county, for who has returned a ballot so far this election cycle:

:: PDI Statewide Returns by District 5.22 (PDF)